We have a strong focus on our juniors within the club as they are the future of our club. We our proud to have many success's with our juniors and small fry both now and in the past.

Our club promotes social interaction between members of the club and their guests with the option of taking advantage of the use of our club shack accommodation out in the Dampier Archipelago  - available to all financial members and their guests through bookings.

As a club we run three major events through the year. The King Brey Open bottom fishing competition in April, is very popular with the wider community. We then have our Dampier Classic in August. This is our main tournament  open to the public and members and is one of the premier WAGFA sanctioned tournaments in the north west. It is held in high regard among the Australian angling fraternity.

We also hold the popular Estuary Challenge barra competition in November. This is  measure and release and is open to the public and is very popular with the barra fisherman in the community.

Our club promotes sharing fishing knowledge amongst members to help better improve everyone’s knowledge of fishing the Dampier Archipelago and the current and new technique’s involved in game fishing. Whether it is light tackle or heavy tackle fishing or catching Billfish in our

waters, our members are willing to share their knowledge with new members.



Dampier Classic Weigh In with

WA Premier Richard Court

Our Club



Since 1969 we have been fishing the beautiful Dampier Archipelago in the Northwest of Western Australia. A region bursting with record breaking game fish, trailer boat accessible Black Marlin and Sailfish in large numbers. 

Our club promotes sharing fishing knowledge amongst members to improve members appreciation of Australian and Worldwide game fish conservation, ethical angling and junior education, with a special focus on Tag & Release fishing for the future. Whether it is light tackle, heavy tackle or tagging Billfish, our members happily share their experience with new members.

For anyone wanting to join our club or need any information regarding

our club or committee members please email:

Ian Lannary
K.B.G.F.C President


Club Junior, Tasmin relasing a marlin

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